Choosing the right tablet OS

Choosing the right tablet OS

It is often said that the smart phones are the small computers, since their hardware is often stronger than the PC’s we used to have a couple of years back. Still, there is a big difference between a lap top and a smart phone, and the most obvious one is the screen size. That is where the tablets jump in. With the standard 7-10in screen diagonal, they are perfect portable devices for everyday use. Light, thin, elegant and powerful, many people cannot imagine life without one and if you are looking to get one, there are some things you need to know.

When it comes to tablet OS, there are many options, but we will be talking about the main three options that seem to saturate the market the most: Android, iOS and Windows. Each one of them has their own specific advantages and flaws so knowing what they are before buying is desirable, if you want what’s best for you.

Android –
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An extremely versatile software that can get along with a wide range of hardware, Android powered tablets are a great choice of OS if you wish to have the biggest choosing ground. Supported by literally hundreds of devices, it will be so easy to find a perfect tablet PC for yourself. photoAndroid is now made by Google, which means that the integration with Google’s account is seamless and since you probably already own a Google account, it is the best thing you can do, especially if you already have an Android smartphone. This operating system used to be very sluggish and slow in the past but the newest updates brought us a wide range of improvements making Android a very good competition.

iOS –
Apple’s operating system, called iOS is an extreme when the design and functionality is in question. Characteristic to the Apple philosophy – you can find only a few different models of iOS powered tablets, also known as iPads.

This is a flaw if you are looking for a wide selection of devices, but an advantage if you are looking for an operating system that was custom made for a specific device. No bugs, no glitches, iPad will always work flawlessly but the software and the brand mean a bit more money is necessary in order to afford this beauty.

Windows –
Microsoft-Surface-2-0_mediumWindows is the newest racer in the big league, but it surely has something to offer. While it is not known for its many devices coverage, Windows is integrating rather well with the ones it is made to work with. The likes of Surface are showing to be a great success on the market, with the price range between iOS and Android and an option of attachable keyboard. Windows will work great if you are a PC user or have a Windows smart phone. Also, we would recommend this operating system for the types of people that use tablets for work or school, since the integration with the Office package makes Windows tablets the perfect digital notebooks.

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